Self-Care... what?

Have no idea where to start with self-care? Click below for my go-to self-care shopping guide:

Health in Bloom


I created Health in Bloom to help others cultivate, nurture, and grow their gardens. I like to envision my own health and wellness journey (LIFE) as a garden.

I have grown, harvested, learned, and withered, but no matter what, every year I bloom. Maybe something new comes up in my garden, but that doesn’t stop me from always growing and blooming. Because that is what it means to be alive.

What I was missing in my garden for so many years was the lack of nourishment and care I gave my garden. I had grandiose plans to become this person, but had no clue how to do it. Forget self-care, what’s that?!Since then, I have helped myself, and many other women, learn the importance of self-care and how important it is to integrate a self-care routine into your weekly “to-do’s” and goals. Through self-care I learned to:

eat intuitively / live intentionally / transform my relationship with my body / love purely

I am by no means perfect. I still have difficult days, weeks, and even months. But I have a  self-care toolbox that I know I can fall back on during those difficult times. It has made me  healthier, happier, and more at peace. 



As someone who has suffered with anxiety since the age of 6, it is an incredible feeling to finally have found a holistic way to rid myself of my anxieties and fears. Who knew I had the power within myself to do this the entire time?



This is why I am so excited to share my Self-Care Shopping Guide with you. I hope this inspires you to take magnificent care of yourself.

Remember, self-care is NOT selfish.

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Enjoy your guide by clicking the link below:

Self Care Shopping List



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