Health in Bloom


Hi! My name is Anne!

You’re probably here because you’re tired of diets. You want to feel better, maybe even normal, whatever that means… You may struggle with indigestion: don’t know what that is? You feel like crap. A lot. You may experience bloating, gas, constipation,diaherrea, and/or constipation way more often than you care to admit.


Maybe you struggle with your relationship with food, diet, and/or exercise. You are in a love-hate relationship with your body and you’re tired of hating it. You would like to love it.


Perhaps you just have a hard time choosing healthy things to eat because you’re stressed, too busy, don’t have nutritional knowledge and have no idea what meal prep/planning means.


I can help.

I have felt all of those things at the same time and felt like health and wellness was not possible. Honestly, sometimes I still struggle with some of these things. What I have learned is that sometimes being healthy is about everything else except the food you put in your mouth. Stay with me here. If you’re stressed at work, are single/mingling/it’s complicated, and unhappy with your living situation you are not going to put eating a massaged kale salad with sprouted tofu and a kombucha on the top of your to-do list. But here’s the thing, if you’re managing your stress with regular exercise, are in a good place with your relationship status (not engaging in toxic relationships), and are successfully communicating with your roommates or family members, you’ll have more space to consider eating that kale salad and drinking that kombucha because you feel good about yourself and you may want to keep feeling that way. And being healthy doesn’t have to be a kale salad for you. Maybe you hate kale. That’s okay. I’ll help you find a nutrient-dense vegetable that you enjoy.

Being healthy looks different for everyone.