20’s, thanks fr th mmrs

As I sit here on the eve of my 30th birthday I am feeling and thinking many things, as one would expect. But as I reflect on the past decade, one thing really sticks out-

Holy freaking cow were my twenties a shit show!

Looking back on the last 10 years, probably the most formative of your life right? I look at the person I was the day I turned 20 and the person I am today and I am filled with so. much. happiness. gratitude. all of it. Every single experience, heartbreak, setback, job, move, etc has shaped who I am today. And it was all worth it, it really was.

Am I where I thought I would be at 30? I don’t know, probably not. But I don’t care. I never really thought about it in my early-mid 20’s, only the past two to three years or so have I really started to think about the future (aka save money for retirement). I am confident on the path that I am on, and while I am tempted daily to question every step I’ve taken, and every step I’m about about take, I know that I have created, and will continue to create, a life I am proud of. A life I never thought I’d have, a life that I am proud of, and most importantly, a life that I love. 

The only way to truly quantify this decade is through pictures, highlights if you will. As I scrolled through Facebook (further proof I grew up in the digital age as I did not have to search through photo albums to find picture evidence of this decade) there were plenty of pictures that I felt like I couldn’t use because they were pictures of people who were once important people in my life, who no longer are. Whether that be exes, old friendships, or friendships that simply faded, it made me sad for a minute, but then I smiled. I smiled because I’m glad I had all those relationships when I did. They served their purpose, and while the endings of many of those relationships were heartbreaking, I wouldn’t trade any of it.

To those of you who aren’t in my life anymore but were for a large chunk of my 20’s, thank you. I am grateful for you and I wish you nothing but the best. 

And now, what we’ve all been waiting for…

How I rang in my 20th Birthday: kicked my parents out of their house to host a classic Hollywood movie star birthday party where I cast everyone in their own roles, requiring them to attend in full character and costume. I cast myself as Marilyn Monroe, of course.

Here I am with Scott, as James Dean:


Just, LOL. What a nightmare.


Another highlight from my 20th year, playing one of my favorite roles of all time, Izzy, in A Rabbit Hole. Yes, I am fake pregnant but really brunette. Thus begun my non-stop hair dying extravaganza…


Turned 21 with a 40oz beer, dancing on a coffee table. A typical, now legal, scene in college.


Dyed my hair platinum blonde and purple (turquoise, grey, blue…) for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. LOVED it. I’ve never been hit on more in my entire life by both men and women. It was awesome.


I dyed my hair a bunch in my 21st year. I think this is my favorite look from that year. Here I am early on Senior Year having a party for no good reason, or maybe it was Homecoming… I’m not sure. Either way, y’all are cute.


This was at Uncle Scott and Aunt Jen’s Wedding in Fall 2010. This was our last group family picture with Grandma who we sadly lost just a few weeks later. I love this picture. I always have and I always will. I miss you Grandma.


Belted and danced my way through the start of my 22nd and graduated from college:


The rest of that year was kind of rough. 22 isn’t a fun age. You don’t know who you are without college, what you want to do, how you want to do it, who you want to do it with… it was challenging, but there were some amazing moments.


23 brought some of my favorite roles I’ve ever played including the world premiere performance of She Said, She Said, a character I think about often, and I cast whom I adore.


And then there was Lucy. I would play Lucy every day if I could. I AM Lucy. This show is actually my favorite. Especially cute little Brian back there as Snoopy…

After this, I moved to NYC and shortly after found myself touring the country in Sleeping Beauty, where my true love of travel was ignited…


The rest of 24 was pretty confusing and all over the place. I finally found some grounding when I got this little baby a couple of weeks before my 25th Birthday:


And started officially dating this guy:


And life got a whole lot better. As in, he is my partner, my person, my husband and I knew it pretty much right away. 25 was a great year.

I also decided to ditch the Sabres and become a full-blown Rangers fan and have never turned back:



In year 26, Maureen gradated college and our family grew. My heart burst.


Our sisters are the most important to us and I was beyond overjoyed when we all went to an INGRID MICHAELSON CONCERT  together because we all are obsessed with her. I NEVER would’ve imagined that I would meet a man and his family who loved Ingrid as much as Maureen and I.

We also all love Disney and went together:



26 also included a one month adventure in Southeast Asia with Mike and our best travel buddy, Sara.

Both are pictured in probably the most beautiful place on earth here:



At age 27, I got back into running and ran my first Half Marathon in Rochester with my best friend, Georgia. And ran the full Disney Marathon a few months later:


I rang 28 in with these goons:


I traveled to Spain and crossed another continent off the list, Africa/Morocco:



I also saw the Eagles perform with my parents and Mike. A life highlight for sure. Pictured in our former favorite bar, Grassroots. Never forget.


And then my 29th year was the most life-and-name-changing year of my twenties because, well…


I became Mrs. Greco


And had the best freaking celebration and day of my life with the people I love most


I rounded out the year with our first Girven Girls vacation cruisin’ out of Miami to Mexico and back.



Here’s to my 20’s, the craziest, scariest, strangest, funnest, most beautiful decade of my life. I am excited to say goodbye and am looking forward to a brand-new decade.

Bring it, 30’s. I’m ready for you.

Here’s one last picture from my first night in this decade as I write this on the last night of this decade. Just because the essence of this picture truly encapsulates how I feel about saying goodbye to my 20’s and because, well, it’s golden.



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