About Me

My Training-

I am Certified Holistic Health Coach and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC where I learned lifestyle management techniques, innovative coaching methods, holistic nutrition and over 100 dietary theories including Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, gluten-free, paleo, vegan and everything in between.

integrative-nutrition-health-coach-inhcMy training has prepared me to help my clients make lifestyle and dietary changes that produce real, lasting results.



My goal is to guide each of you towards health, happiness, balance, and to uncover what’s holding you back from blossoming into the best version of yourself for more than 30 days, or a year, but a lifetime.

Getting’ Personal-

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My health and wellness journey began about three years ago when I had low energy, was unhappy, would fall asleep randomly, was gassy, bloated, constipated, and casually had shooting pains in my stomach on a semi-regular basis. Cute, right? I had very low self confidence and food was the enemy. I was stuck in a horrible cycle of eating healthy foods and then eating half a pizza with my roommates accompanied by four beers. That’s not balance. That’s called binging. It never occurred to me to look at what I was putting in my body and connect it to how sick I felt…

After many doctor’s appointments, I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which is a frustrating diagnosis because IBS is a very broad diagnosis. I still didn’t feel like I was in control of my body. But after lots of trial and error and personal research, I realized that my IBS was not only physical, but also mental. Your gut is often called your “second brain” because everything your gut is dealing with is what your brain is dealing with, and vice versa. So, all of my digestive issues were directly related to my stress, anxiety, and depression? My mind and body affect each other? What I eat affects how I feel beyond digestion? This was a whole new idea to me. Once I started making changes, I got out of toxic relationships, stopped doing things that didn’t make me happy, and started fueling my body with foods that nourished me and made me feel good. I had energy, confidence, and regular digestion!

Fast forward to today: I am a marathoner (that’s 26.2 MILES) and  a certified Holistic Health Coach living in NYC with my boyfriend (Mike) and my cat (Piper). I’ve traveled the globe from Europe to Southeast Asia. I’ve been to Disney World three times in two years (1 of those times was to run the Disney Marathon) which is magical… obviously. I am an environmental advocate who volunteers at Farmer’s Markets to educate people about a more environmentally-friendly,waste-free way of life with information about recycling and composting. I teach healthy cooking classes on a budget across all five boroughs through City Harvest. And I can even occasionally enjoy pizza! Yes, I have healed my gut and my digestive issues. I’m not perfect, I still have some bad days. But I am healthy and happy.

You should be too.

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