Days 29 & 30: Wind Chill

We made it back to New York! Our flight back was relatively smooth and we made it back for the single digit/ negative degree wind chill! Hooray!

Wow, definitely a shock to my system for sure. Luckily I can work from home today so I can keep warm…

You know what’s interesting? Most trips I take I come back feeling like I need the world’s biggest detox and vow to never eat another fried, greasy, cheesy, carb loaded, thing again. And while I ate to my heart’s content in NOLA, including most things fried, I didn’t feel like that coming home. I felt like I ate mindfully and deliciously and only really felt disgustingly full once.

In general, I ate food that I normally wouldn’t, but chose to because it was the food to eat there! It’s generally a very heavy cuisine, but the portions were actually manageable and not insane. Save for our final breakfast at the Ruby Slipper Cafe where Mike chose to eat THREE different Eggs Benedicts with varying kinds of meats on top of the most fluffy, buttery biscuits in the world. I did not have three different bene’s, but I did have two and man… seriously unreal.

My self-sabatoging self is telling me it’s because I’ve gained weight and have let myself go. The other, more loving and true self, is thinking that I’m kinder, more loving, understanding, and forgiving. This self knows that one of my finest joys in life is traveling and exploring other cultures and cuisines. It brings be happiness and joy. And yes, I’ve gained a little weight, but my husband loves me, still thinks I’m beautiful and sexy, and so should I.

I’ll be honest, the later sounds simple, but it is not. This journey is tough. I’ve been super anxious lately- as in the most anxious I’ve been in a very long while. It’s a lot of little things adding up, as it always is. But ultimately, I know what helps the most. And that’s showing myself love and care even if I feel like I don’t deserve it.

Even if I’ve gained a little weight.

Even if I don’t have as much money in my bank account as I’d like.

Even if I haven’t run in over a month.

Even if I’m feeling uninspired.

Even if I’m worried.

Even if.


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