21-Day Journey


I am so excited to offer this 21 day journey just in time for my favorite season, autumn.

Why the 21 Day Journey?  

Do you feel like you can’t get yourself motivated to make choices that will make you feel truly happy and healthy? Are you constantly stuck in a cycle of dieting and don’t get lasting results? It may not be your diet at all. There are many other facets of life that feed and nourish you and, believe it or not, they should be your first priority and your diet should be your second. During this journey I will help guide you through the different facets of primary food that nourish you far more than your diet in addition to a cleansing and nourishing meal plan to follow. This is not a diet because diets SUCK! This is a journey intended to help you eat intuitively, nourish your body and find balance (so yea, that means enjoying that cookie every so often). 

How does this work?

  •  Healthy and nourishing recipes for every meal of the day
  • Sample weekly meal plan
  • Grocery shopping list
  • Self-care shopping list
  • Daily inspirational emails with writing prompts, guided meditations, seasonal recipes, encouragement and maybe even some virtual dance parties!
  • 24/7 email support, guidance and encouragement from me!
  • During your second week of the journey you’ll relieve a BONUS free 30 minute phone session with me to talk about your experience, progress and goals!

This program is open to anyone, anywhere. 

It’s time.


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