What is a Health Coach?

Happy Health Coach Week!

My school, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, pioneered a International Health Coach Week three years ago in an effort to raise health, wellness, and health care awareness. Health Coaches are currently not deductible under any Health Care plans, but there is a lot of movement in Congress to get it to become so.

In honor of Health Coach Week I thought I would take the time to explain exactly what a Health Coach does.

  • focus on Nutrition, lifestyle, behavior, stress, and exercise
  • provide 1-1 support to help people encompass healthy habits sustainably
    provide stress management techniques
  • personalized meal plans, pantry makeovers, and grocery store tours
  • incorporate all areas of life (career, relationships, spirituality) to evaluating overall health
  • want to help guide people towards their healthiest, happiest, and balanced life


It’s not all about diet and exercise.

It’s about your environment, relationships, living situation, career, and spirituality too. If you are struggling in any of those areas, it’s very hard to accomplish your health and fitness goals. I work with people to help them fully realize their goals by digging deep to fulfill their dreams.
Health & happiness is not a destination or a number on a scale. It is a lifelong journey that has hills, highways, twists, and turns.

You cannot see the results you want if you cannot see yourself.

Every bit. Inside and out.

Health Coaching is much more than Nutrition. It’s about your life. All of it.

If you want to know more about Health Coaching or would like a free consultation fill out the contact form below!

Be Well!


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