Day 4: I Live in a Rain Cloud

I woke up feeling like a 2 out of 10

Could do things if I had to, but I don’t have to do anything.

I had to cancel plans with friends, ugh.

I currently can’t see out of my window; it looks like I live in a rain cloud. Outside is not a good idea when my throat and head feel like this.

Thoughts are scattered: short, impatient, hazy.

I did yoga in part because it’s in my 30 day challenge but also in hopes that it’d get my blood flowing and make me feel better.

Ive gone back to laying in bed.

Piper has left me for the yoga mat. I am lonely.

I plan to make my go-to “sick soup” aka: congee. It’s a super healing and delicious porridge made with

  • short grain rice
  • Chicken
  • bone broth- using turkey bone broth leftover from thanksgiving but broke the mason jar de-thawing-yay!
  • All in my new favorite toy: The Instant Pot! Would anyone be interested in my recipe? I SWEAR by it
  • I don’t want to move. Can someone make it for me?
  • Ah, piper has returned.
  • All is well with the word.
  • See you tomorrow; hopefully less fragmented and with more clarity.
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