Day Eight: Dizzying

Hello, day eight, hello internet world…

I nearly forgot to write today due to a busy day but alas, I remembered in the midst of my yoga practice/meditation tonight, phew.

Do you ever feel like you’re thinking about so many things that you make yourself dizzy; physically dizzy? When I start to get overwhelmed or want to be focused and accomplish tasks quickly and effectively, I find myself completely ungrounded.

It happens when I’m doing the simplest of things! They’re not always moments of overwhelm and they’re often when I’m commuting and dodging in between human bodies to get to my place on the subway platform, or where is happens most frequently, is at the grocery store. I don’t know what it is about it. I love the grocery store and I love to grocery shop.

It’s likely that it is my body’s visceral response to moving/thinking too fast and that I need to slow down

It is what winter is all about after all. And why are we all ever in a rush? Time is a construct that doesn’t actually exist, yet it runs the world. I don’t think it’d kill me to literally walk slower and be more mindful in my steps on a day to day basis, so that I will try to do.

(The New Yorker inside of me is screaming, but I’ll get over it…)

So I guess this is your reminder that it’s okay to slow down too, even if that simply means moving more slowly, deliberately, and mindfully throughout your day. You’re more than allowed and I think your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for it.



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