Day Fourteen: Exhaustion

Me all day: “Am I sick, or am I exhausted?”

Probably both, folks. What a whirlwind of a weekend with my sister, truly so much fun! BUT that meant lots of over-eating, drinking, and little sleep.

I essentially went on a 3 day bender and my body is not happy about it. I had been inadvertently detoxing from alcohol since the start of the year and eating very healthfully up until this weekend. With some stints of not feeling well, I figured that any kind of sickness was behind me, but when I awoke this morning after a terrible night’s sleep, I felt like maybe I was actually sick or actually just exhausted.

Maybe it was the ice skating yesterday, the highlight of the weekend!

SO much fun. A dream of mine since I moved to NYC and never found enough time to do. Worth all of the money, for sure.

I just poured myself another cup of coffee which I never do and my body is craving sweet things, which is very normal when you’re exhausted and running on poor sleep. All of these things make sense, and are  totally normal, and I’ve been trying to not indulge in all of my cravings, but at the end of the day, I need to get through this work day so I can get home and into my bed. The granola and cup of coffee I just consumed will make it considerably easier for me to do so without literally falling asleep at my desk…

Oy, to say I’m not feeling my most healthy today is an understatement, but alas, tomorrow is another day….


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