Day Fifteen: In and out, in and out

I’m sick. Actually sick. I’m annoyed and frustrated with my body but I continue to nurture and care for it regardless. I quite honestly feel like I have been battling something for a couple of weeks now I’ve just suppressed it well with all of my holistic concoctions and this past weekend triggered it.

Ah well. What can you do? All I can hope is that I feel better enough to go to work tomorrow. I have no pictures, just words. 💙


3 thoughts on “Day Fifteen: In and out, in and out

  1. I’ve been sick this week, also. Feel better soon!


    1. Thank you! You as well! I am trying desperately. I’ve consumed nothing but a homemade batch of chicken rice congee (added some spinach to get some greens in and switch it up!), tea, and water… and lots of sleep of course! Take care and be well.

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      1. Sleep and hydrating here, as well! Same to you, friend!

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