Day 17: ”Make your Victim Story into your Hero Story”

I’m listening to Jonathan Van Ness’ podcast Getting Curious (one of my favorite podcasts ever!) on the train and felt so so connected to his most recent episode interviewing Noor Tagouri.

She’s a young Libyan-American with so much knowledge, insight, and passion about getting really freaking difficult conversations started in regards to systematic racism and xenophobia among other pertinent topics.

She said the above and that has never rung more true to me. I’ve quite honestly lived the past 10 or so years of my life in pursuit of this. I never want to feel bad, depressed, or angry about what trauma I’ve experienced. I’ve never wanted anyone to feel bad for me. I’ve always wanted to grow, learn, and help others because of it. I don’t need gratification from others telling me they love me and support me on every step of my journey because I’ve overcome so much and : “look! You’re accomplishing things and going to school and getting jobs!”

Because, why wouldn’t I be? Of course I am. I am not going to ask for anyone’s approval or support. I have to provide myself with it internally. That’s the only way towards self-love and self-care, and to actually heal from said traumas, in my opinion.

To seek being a hero, and not victimize your life.

Everyone has a sad story. Everyone has trauma. The spectrum is vast and there is certainly no comparison available. The best we can all do is to try to be the hero in our own story.

The journey is not easy and maybe sometimes it’s kind of nice to be the victim, maybe it’s safer there; more comfortable to sit in self-pity and misery because you don’t have to worry about bringing yourself up, challenging yourself and rising above.

But let me tell you, once you get yourself out of that pit… it is so much better trying live out a hero’s journey, it really is.


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