Days 18 and 19: Sober Brunch & Hygge

This weekend has really been quite lovely. Nyc didn’t get the snow storm everyone else got north of us and I am a little jealous to be honest!

Yesterday, my friend and I had a lovely brunch at my apartment.

Soft boiled eggs, avocado toast, sautéed greens, and bulletproof coffee.

My husband was shocked to hear that we had a sober brunch and that there were no mimosas present. He’s convinced all brunches have to be boozy and I certainly disagree. He argued that we couldn’t call it brunch because we didn’t have mimosas and get drunk. And I was like… “since when? Brunch literally means a meal between breakfast and lunch!”

Ah, men.

Also, soft boiled eggs are so good! My friend and I were discussing how luxurious and fancy they feel; they cause you to slow down and really enjoy your food. And we both agreed we should enjoy them more often. So what did I have for breakfast this morning? Soft boiled eggs with soldiers of course! I think calling them “soldiers” is an English thing? I think the first time I heard someone call them that was when I was serving this dish to a man from the UK. Anyway, look how adorable they are:

Lightly toasted some homemade spelt bread in a cast iron skillet, you can easily dip these guys into the soft boiled egg and they are so satisfying. Spread some butter and jam on top to really elevate the whole experience. Trust me on this one.

Enjoying a leisurely, slow breakfast by candlelight on such a gloomy day felt so fulfilling. If you suffer from seasonal depression, I highly recommend taking the time to enjoy the gloomy days in little ways such as this. I think it makes it more bearable.

I find that the act of simply lighting a candle or turning on Twinkle lights to brighten the room and make it feel cozy is the key to practicing hygge- The danish phrase for being cozy and practicing everyday togetherness with loved ones or yourself as an act of love, generosity of spirit, and overall wellness in the winter months. It is practiced in the winter and is meant to be of positive psychological impact in the often dark and dismal winter months. I mean, they need a phrase for this in Denmark and other Norwegian countries considering they only have 5 or 6 hours of daylight this time of year!

Happy Sunday, all!


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