Day Two: Conversations With Myself

It’s already proving to be a challenge to write everyday and it’s only day 2.

Almost from the moment I woke up I was thinking about what I should or shouldn’t write about. I came up with a lot of negative and judgmental thoughts; it was really exhausting.

Are you kind to yourself when you  talk to yourself? Do you even listen to what you’re telling yourself? 

I realized that I have been SO mean to myself lately. Not all day everyday, but generally speaking just really mean. I didn’t even realize it until I reflected on it today. It’s kind of crazy how all of a sudden, you wake up with clarity one day. But WOW. It’s been eye-opening.

Things I told myself today:

That’s a dumb idea.

Nobody wants to read that.

Does anyone want to read any of the mundane, stupid things you have to say?

What’s the point of this challenge anyway? You’ll probably fail. 

Let’s see if  these pants fit. Ooof they do, but man are they tighter than they used to be- you look a lot bigger.

You look like shit.

You’ve let yourself go. 

You hair looks awful. 

You don’t deserve good friends.

Your skin will never be clear. 

You’re failing.

You’ll never get where you want to in your career. 

That person is staring at me, why are they staring at me? Because my outfit sucks? I thought it looked cute. I used to have a good sense of fashion, what happened? 

I honestly don’t think that’s all, that’s just all I can remember right now. THIS is probably the most important thing that I need to work on. If I’m talking this way to myself almost all day long, well, it’s not a good sign for my overall wellness, that’s for sure.

I hope you all are kinder to yourselves. And if you’re not, you’re not alone. Let’s practice saying nice things to ourselves, shall we? Or what’s the saying? “If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.” ?

Let’s practice that. Only positive, kind, gentle, and loving thoughts…


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