Days 21 & 22: Cravings

Hey all,

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday. I had every intention of doing so but didn’t have the best day.

Do you ever struggle with listening to your body? I do, so much. I have gotten a lot better, but I still second guess myself!

Yesterday, for example, I was super tired. I stayed out way later than normal (I got home at midnight!) and had to go into work in the 30+ mph winds -11 degree tundra… needless to say it was challenging to get out of bed and to work. The simplest of tasks someday’s, and other’s, not so much.

I knew I needed a warm breakfast that was nourishing and fulfilling, so I had a nice big bowl of oats at work. Because I’ve been unwell, I’m still taking all of the immune-boosting tonics, supplements, and foods because I do not want to relapse!

All day long, all I wanted was Pizza. I was tired, getting over being sick, and maybe even slightly hungover though I only had 4 drinks over a period of 7 hours, so I’m not entirely convinced that I actually was, I shouldn’t listen to my cravings and fuel my body with healing, nourishing, health foods, right?

YES… but, man, that persistent headache and constant sensation of tiredness was not going away. All I wanted was Pizza. And the day was long, boring, and sleepy. Why was I working on a national holiday anyway… just get some pizza…

And I resisted all day.

I’ve been really good the past few weeks, haven’t ordered out, have been cooking healthy meals at home, maybe I should just treat myself.

And, still, I told myself no.

Between the wind gusts on Riverside Drive throwing me into a car and some not-so-great news, I decided to listen to my craving. It was time for some Pizza and wine. Some nice, expensive, Italian wine that was bottled in 2014 that I have been making Mike save for a special occasion, or in this case, just a meh day.

Sometimes, our cravings aren’t bad. They may not be good for you in terms of being healthy, but what if your craving is trying to tell you something? What if, even though it’s greasy pizza, it’s what you need that day? I’m glad I gave in and threw away the notion that my craving was unacceptable and unhealthy because you know what? Today is a new day and I’ve already started it with a health dose of warming oats and a green smoothie, so I’d say it’s off to a good start! I hope you listen to yourself today and recognize all of your cravings, even the bad ones.

Piper on a yoga mat being cute 💙

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